Let’s talk about Jesus!

Let’s Talk About Jesus,
The King Of Kings Is He,
The Lord Of Lord’s Supreme,
Throughout Eternity.
The Great I Am, The Way,
The Truth, The Life The Door,
Let’s Talk About Jesus More And More.

I recalled these words as I read this blog this morning.

which made me think and ask the following questions.

How easily and how often do I talk about Jesus? How often do any of us talk about Jesus?

Consider our church gathering on a Sunday morning. Often we come with a list of people we need to see and a catalogue of things we want (need) to talk about. We worship God on song. We cast our cares upon him in prayer. We sit under the preaching of the Word, but when the final prayer or blessing is said, what do we talk about?

Do we talk about Jesus or do other things take precedence?

I immediately have to plead guilty! My thoughts quickly turn to tidying up the technical side of the service just held. I am not a natural conversationalist and, yes, I do often have a list of things that I need to speak to others about but they could all wait and be dealt with at another time by phone or email.

Yet here as the service ends, with my thoughts turned to Jesus, the natural thing should be to speak about him with others. If I cannot do it here among brothers and sisters in Christ then I am not likely to do it in other places and to other people.

It is a challenging thought.

There is so much to say about Jesus. There is so much to learn about Jesus. There is so much encouragement in Jesus. So let’s talk about Jesus more and more.

The song  at the head of this piece has further verses which follow.

Let’s Talk About Jesus,
Let All The World Proclaim.
The Power And Majesty
Of Such A Wondrous Name.
The Baby Of Bethlehem,
The Bright And Morning Star,
Let’s Sing His Praises Near And Far.

Let’s Talk About Jesus,
The Bread Of Life Is He,
The Saviour Of The World,
The Man Of Galilee.
The Prophet, Priest And King,
The Mighty God Is He,
The Well Of Living Water Free.

Let’s Talk About Jesus,
The Prince Of Peace Is He,
The Great Physician Too,
Down Through All History.
The Lily Pure And White,
The Rose Of Sharon Fair,
The Shepherd Of Such Tender Care.

Let’s Talk About Jesus,
The Rock Of Ages He,
The Lamb Of Sinners Slain,
That Man Of Calvary.
The Great Emmanuel,
The Word Of God Sublime,
He Is Our Bridegroom So Divine.

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