Who’s Who


Ray Forrest

Ray was born in East Africa and, after having lived in South Africa until the age of nine, returned with his family to the UK. He studied music at Leeds and after several years as a freelance musician, moved to North Wales in 1994. It was here that he met his wife,Gwenda and they have two daughters, Katy and Mia. Ray came to faith in his mid thirties and although music is a profession, his passion now is to teach the Word of God. It is also a blessing for him to be part of the Church worship group.


Andy Kime

Andy was born in Yorkshire and moved to north Wales in 1997. He trusted Christ in his early twenties. An industrial chemist by trade, he sold flame retardants around the world. Being inspired by the scenery he became a professional photographer and now has a shop and gallery in Criccieth. As well as playing bass, and being treasurer, his particular responsibility on the eldership is pastoral care. Andy is married to Ali and they have two grown-up children, John and Miriam.


Steve Trythall

Steve originates from Dunfermline, the historical capital of Scotland, and is proud and passionate Scotsman. He spent the first decade of his career as an engineer in the RAF and it was there in this teens that he was converted through the witness of other airmen.

Steve has worked in engineering for four decades and is a Vice President for Siemens. 

 He has lived in North Wales since 1992 and he and Marian are the proud parents of 3 grown up children.