Who’s Who


Ray Forrest

Ray was born in East Africa and after having lived in South Africa until the age of nine, returned with his family to the UK. He studied music at Leeds and after several years as a freelance musician, moved to North Wales in 1994. He is married to Gwenda and they have two grown up daughters. Ray came to faith in his mid thirties and the family have been members of the church since 2017. Having been involved in leadership for many years including serving as an elder here, Ray was called by the church to join the leadership team as pastor, which he began in September 2023.


Simon Brennan

Simon Brennan was brought up in Northern Ireland, and came to Christ in his mid teens through the witness of school friends and reading the Bible. Whilst at university he met his wife MaryRose, and they are the parents of four grown-up sons. After a few years working in Spain he and the family settled in Surrey where he taught at a boarding school. Having spent many summers in Criccieth, he and MaryRose moved here in 2020, and have been greatly blessed through being partners at CFC and their involvement in some church ministries. He enjoys music and watching sports.


Dave Newbould

Until his early 20s Dave chose mountaineering to be his first love. Then he met with Jesus and was led to use his mountain skills to guide others towards faith. From his 30s he was also involved in mountain photography, as well as the mountain guiding. He is now semi-retired. Dave is married to Ali, and they have 3 grown up children and 1 grandson. Dave still loves taking children and adults up into the mountains. His particular area of responsibility at CFC is mission.