Ultimate truth

The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy , making wise the simple.

Psalm 19.7b (NIV)

The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.

Psalm 19.7b (ESV)

In a world where fake news abounds, what a great joy and comfort it is to know that there is a source which is completely sure and trustworthy.

 In a world where there is an unwillingness to acknowledge such a thing as absolute truth, which has been pushed out in favour of ‘my truth’ and ‘your truth’, how important it is for God’s people to be sure of the truth that ‘will set you free’ John 8.32,  truth which Jesus tells us in the same verse,  can be known.

The source of that truth, the Psalmist tells us, is the LORD and we are privileged to have it revealed and made plain in his word (statutes and testimony). And not only revealed but revealed for a purpose which is to ‘make wise the simple’.

Now I wonder if that statement might cause us to feel an objection coming on with regard to the word ‘simple’. It is perhaps for many, a pejorative word, implying weakness of mind and the Hebrew word פֶּ֫תִי (pe.ti)  meaning simple, foolish or open-minded, can indeed be understood in that way  and to an extent which meaning is meant is determined from the context.

Interestingly the word, apart from just one occurrence in the Book of Ezekiel occurs only in Psalms and Proverbs which have very much to say about  how we should conduct ourselves in everyday life.

So taking these facts together, let us focus on just one thing today and that is the supreme importance of walking in the light and truth of God’s word.

In some respects we are simple with regard to how we should live and so we need to look for instruction.

In some respects we are foolish in what we believe or do so we need to look for correction.

In all respects we need to come to God’s word, open-minded, ready for any preconceived ideas to be subjected to God’s truth.

The people we engage with in daily life are often ‘simple’ and ‘foolish’ with respect to how they should live and are not ‘open-minded’ as to the right way to go. It is therefore incumbent upon God’s people to demonstrate to the world the source of right living – 

the Statutes and Testimony of the LORD.

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