The Statutes of the LORD

The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.

Psalm 19.7b

Awed by the wonders of God’s revelation of himself in the heavens, David continues his reflections on God’s law using the many ways of referring to it that are repeated in Psalm 119. Although Psalm 119 is not attributed to David the similarities between 19 and 119 make this a reasonable assumption.

As we read these words we need to remember that David had just the Torah, the first five books of our modern Bibles. Five books that we often find hard going but are the foundation on which our world is established.  Note  how David is thrilled by them, and  be even more thrilled as we have the full revelation of God in Jesus in our New Testament. So as we work through these verses of Psalm 19 may our prayer be that we can sing what David sang and more!

Trustworthiness is something which is sadly lacking in many today. From Vladimir Putin stating that he had no intention of invading Ukraine to us making promises that we do not keep.

But the statutes of the LORD are trustworthy and  not only that, they give wisdom to the simple.

How we need wisdom today! Wisdom to navigate a puzzling world. Wisdom to make right decisions when there are so many conflicting ideas about.

Where do we turn when the political left claim we should do this and the political right say we should do the other? Where do we turn when faced with the claim that a man can be a woman, that a woman can have a wife? Where do we turn when we simply cannot make sense of the world?

It may sound simplistic, but Davis had it right. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy.

What we are talking about is the Word of the Sovereign God, the creator and sustainer of all things and if we believe he is that, then we can trust this word.

 It will not fail us. When we are faced with the absurdity of the modern claims relating to gender etc, we will find wisdom and clarity in these statutes, and we must stand firm on them.

If God’s people stand firm and speak boldly from this wisdom then we can pull back from the crazy ideas that surround us and give hope to those who are confused often to their own hurt.

Let us measure our current culture and everything else against God’s trustworthy statutes for in them wisdom will be found.

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