Mission Partners

In the first chapter of his letter to the Philippians the Apostle Paul speaks of his joy at being in gospel partnership with the Philippian Christians.

We at CFC are also grateful for gospel partners who pray with us and support us practically and financially as a church. Below are some of the churches who are partners in the gospel with us in Criccieth and also the gospel workers we partner with here in Wales and around the world.

Christ Church Central

Partner church in Sheffield

Bethel Evangelical Church

Partner church in Clydach

Criccieth Holiday Club

Evangelism Trust

Heath Evangelical Church

Partner church in Cardiff

Dave and Emma Moore

Dave and Emma are in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission where Dave is giving medical support to the team and Emma is working with children.

Eleri Trythall

Eleri is a Partner with us at CFC and is a worker in two local secondary schools.

Emmanuel and Esther Durand

Emmanuel and Esther and their family are based in south eastern France. Emmanuel is an elder in their local church and also teaches in a Bible Institute in Belgium.

Mike & Rachel Hill

Mike and Rachel are working with Friends International in Birmingham

Richard & Jen

Richard and Jen live in West Africa where they are involved in encouraging the use of the translated Scriptures in local languages.

Sheila Leech

Sheila works with Reach Beyond bringing humanitarian relief and gospel hope to people  in the poorest parts of the world.

Viorel and Eta Rete

We support Harvest, a small mission with a worker, Vio, who is ministering to poor families in northwestern Romania.