Over the past three days we have been encouraged by the writer to the Hebrews to ‘fix our eyes on Jesus’ with the great heroes of faith as our motivation for so doing.

So today I share, in the words of an experienced Pastor how Jesus is the best and the only one.

He is the woman’s seed crushing Satan, the Passover Lamb, the High Priest entering heaven for his people, the pillar of cloud and fire, the Prophet greater than Moses the Captain of our salvation the perfect King, the One who rebuilds broken walls, the Saviour, the Lord and Shepherd, the Lover and Bridegroom, the Son of Man who is with us in the fire, the long-suffering Husband, the one who pours out his Spirit, the One who bears our burdens, the Messenger with beautiful feet, the Restorer of  God’s lost heritage, the King who brings peace and humbly rides on a colt, the Son of Righteousness risen with healing in his wings.

 He Is the Friend who sticks closer than a brother, the One greater than all,  whose blood washes away sin, the Great Shepherd and Bishop of our souls,  everlasting Lover the Keeper of our souls, the Lamb that was slain, the Lion of Judah the King of kings and Lord of lords.

(Gary Brady, Song of Solomon: Heavenly love. Welwyn Commentary Series: Evangelical Press 2006. PP. 186-187)

I discovered this quote in a recently published book ‘Jesus Lover of my Soul’ by Julian Hardyman and published by IVP. It is an amazing book opening our eyes to the incredible love of Jesus for his people as illustrated in the ‘Song of Songs’. If you want a deeper insight into the one on whom we are encouraged to fix our eyes then this book cannot be too highly recommended!

As we walk with Jesus today may we discover more of him and the great love with which he has loved us.

He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sin and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.

1 Peter 2 v.24

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