Be blameless

I am God Almighty walk before me and be blameless

Genesis 17 v.1

Thus God sets before Abram (Exalted Father – in spite of the fact that he had no children!), soon to become Abraham (Father of many nations!), his side of the Covenant which is  –  a ‘blameless’ walk. The scope of the covenant is stated again and the physical sign of circumcision is initiated.

In the face of what God says that he will do v.2 Abram fell face down, one can only assume in awe, and wonder. There  then follow no fewer than seven ‘I will’ statements a significant number as through the pages of Scripture seven is the number of completeness and perfection.

Abraham’s part was v.9, to keep God’s covenant not just him but ‘his descendants after him for generations to come. Perhaps the key part of the seven stranded covenant is in v.8 ‘and I will be their God’ for from this all else would flow for no human endeavour could bring all that was promised into reality especially as Abraham and Sarah (also renamed) were both well past child bearing age.

Indeed when God says that Sarah will bear Abraham a son v.17 Abraham laughs and instead asks that Ishmael might be the means of the covenant being fulfilled.

But Abraham has to trust God and doing so was not without cost as he and his male household had to seal the covenant with circumcision with its accompanying pain.

Abraham then simply had to wait and trust yet again. The covenant confirmed again and sealed.

We saw a few days ago that in spite of his ups and downs that ‘Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness.

Are you and I committed to the cost of a blameless walk? Circumcision is no longer physical for the Christian but as Paul puts it circumcision now is of the heart Romans 2.29 as we put our trust in the saving power of the cross enabling us to be counted righteous and therefore blameless in God’s sight.

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