A word for today

In Jerusalem, as the week leading up to Passover (that great celebration of God’s rescue of his people) progresses, Jesus sets his face to what he knows will be the darkest day in which he will utter that terrible cry ‘My God, My God why have you forsaken me.

But even with that before him his concern for his disciples; his concern for those who seek his help and his desire to do his Father’s will remain paramount in his thinking. The glory of his Father is at the centre of his desire. He continues to teach and in particular to lift the eyes and hearts of his hearers to the fact that, although he is going away, he will return.

What a glorious light that throws on the darkness of Good Friday for the death of Jesus is the beginning not the end and following his resurrection and ascension he will return.

How often do we reflect and think about the fact that Jesus is coming back? That this broken world is not all there is for we have the glorious expectation of a new heaven and a new earth.  The Covid 19 pandemic should sharpen our focus on what is yet to be. Something so infinitely glorious that all the hardships on the way to it will, with hindsight, be seen as nothing!

Let’s pray that many,  in this frightening and restricting time of lockdown will lift their eyes to the Sovereign Lord of All and that we, his people, will be ready to ‘give an answer for the hope that is in us’ when they seek us out because they can see that we have our feet firmly planted on the rock that is Jesus Christ.

Sovereign Lord, merciful and gracious God we pray today for the sick and suffering; for those who with little or no thought for themselves put their lives on the line as they bring medical care; for those who grieve the loss of loved ones especially as those who have not been able to be with them in that unique time of need.

We pray for our leaders, especially for our Prime Minister (currently in intensive care) and his government that they may make wise and right decisions and will come to acknowledge that you are Lord of all and that ultimately all wisdom comes from you. Amen

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