A word for today

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the account of which, in each of the four gospels, is headed in our modern translations, ’The Triumphal Entry’ (note these are not the words of inspited scripture  but a reasonable heading introduced by editors!).

 It is an amazing introduction to what is arguably the most momentous week in human history. A week that climaxes on Easter Sunday and an empty tomb and a week in which so many things happen, which as we read them raise and lower our hopes and emotions like a yoyo!

There is much teaching from the lips of Jesus himself  especially about the end of the age. There is the example of Jesus washing his disciples feet and his majestic discourse to the disciples recorded in John 14-17. There is so much here we need to read and re-read and as we do so we do well to remind ourselves that it is all against the background that Jesus is moving towards his death on the cross with all the suffering that preceded it.

What blessing it would be for each one of us to meditate on the events of this momentous week, day by day, so that we may be well prepared, as we  come to Thursday and Friday, to see the depth of Jesus’ love for us and to fall on our knees in awe and wonder.

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