A soul reviving word

The law of the LORD is perfect reviving the soul

Psalm 19.7a

Before we focus on this half verse this morning let me make a confession. In spite of ending yesterday’s Blog with these words

So looking at the heavens which declare the glory of God and in particular at the sun, reflect this morning, and every day, on the one to whom it ultimately points,

The Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour and Light of the world.

in the business of the day, and indeed commenting on the sun coming out as we were heading for a family day out which was really weather dependant, my thoughts were not drawn to Jesus!

In this I guess I am not that different to others, so pray for fellow believers that our eyes might be ‘fixed on Jesus’ during our everyday living so that the light of the world might shine out of each one of us.

Back to Psalm 19

As we come to v.7 it almost seems that there ought to be a break as the Psalm appears  to take an entirely different direction from that of v.1-6, moving from the glory of God displayed in the heavens to a meditation on God’s law, revealed in his word. However it is not too difficult to see the link as the general revelation of God in his creation handiwork is now extolled in the specific words he has given to us, law, statutes, precepts, commands, ordinances, which enable us to know and understand him in a way that the heavens cannot.

Consider just v.7a this morning and let the truth in it fill your soul.

The Law of the LORD is perfect.

Our world is so very far from perfect and seems to become less perfect with each passing day and yet in the midst of chaos, God’s Law stands supreme and perfect. The implication of this is that if men and women understood this and lived it out the world would be a very different place. Do you believe this to be so? Are you living a life that demonstrates the truth of the statement?

The Law of the LORD revives the soul.

One of the Psalmists, not David in this instance writes these words:

Why are you downcast, O my Soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Saviour and my God.

Psalm 42.5

Looking at the world through godless eyes must be the most depressing thing one can do but what a different perspective this Psalm gives.

The perfect law of the LORD is a soul reviver. Take that at its true, face value, and step out into this day with your eyes fixed on the LORD revealed perfectly in Jesus and as indicated above bring light into a dark and hopeless world.

Do you feel inadequate for such a commission? Then immerse yourself more deeply in God’s Word as described in this Psalm.

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