A sense of deja vu

We saw clearly that the LORD was with you

Genesis 26 v.28

There is a measure of Déjà vu as we come to Genesis 26.

‘Now there was famine in the land – besides the earlier famine of Abraham’s time and Isaac went to Abimelech king of the Philistines in Gerar v.1

Abraham had retreated to Egypt during the first famine and had used the ‘she is my sister’ ploy relating to Sarah and relations with Egypt were soured. Then in chapter 20, Abraham had gone to Gerar in his God given mandate to travel through the land and again he had used the same ploy regarding Sarah risking relationships with Abimelech but grace prevailed and now Isaac follows in his father’s footsteps both in going to Gerar (warned by God not to go to Egypt) and using the same ‘she is my sister’ defence to save his own life v.7

There ensues recrimination and friction caused by  Isaacs increasing wealth v.12 ff (in line let it be noted with God’s promises) in terms of flock and herds and the Philistine herdsmen, which focussed on disputes over wells.

Isaac has the promises renewed to him personally by God  and builds an altar calling on the name of the LORD.

This time in Gerar has one different strand to  the previous in its outcome which should come as a spur and challenge to us.

v.26 Abimelech comes to visit Isaac bringing his chief men with him and Isaac asks why he has come seeing that they had not parted company in a good way.

Abimelech’s answer is instructive.

We saw clearly that the LORD was with you.

The result was the establishment of a treaty and peace between Isaac and the king.

Let us do all that we can today and every day to live in such a way that those with whom we live and work and meet may see that

The LORD is with us.


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