A History of Advent in 25 People – 5

Joseph and his multicolour dream-coat is the popular conception of


 but we must look beyond that to see the significance of the 11th son of Jacob in the Advent story.

I am sure the background is very familiar.  Joseph was disliked by his brothers because he was his father’s favourite. It seems that one of the flaws running through the family was favouritism as Isaac’s favourite was Esau, while Rebekah’s was Jacob and now Jacob was the one who was behind Joseph’s troubles.

In Jacob’s case many of the problems arose from his having two wives and one of them, Rachel, being the favourite but that us another story as we consider Joseph in relation to  Advent.

While Joseph endured wrongful imprisonment in Egypt, Jacob assumed he was dead but by the providence of God Joseph was released to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh and was subsequently elevated to the highest office in Egypt bar Pharaoh himself.

No fewer than 10 chapters of Genesis, 20% of the whole book are given to the account of Joseph so we need to take close notice of what is said as it is clearly of great significance in the great sweep of redemption history leading to Jesus.

We could say much today but in order to keep it both simple and challenging I share with you an acrostic you may have seen before which I believe fits our Advent theme.

Joseph was:

Just like his brothers

Outcast by them

Saved them

Exalted above them

Provided for them

Helped them

Of whom does this remind you?

The whole of the Bible points to Jesus, sometimes very obviously and at other times not so obviously, but it is indeed an Advent Calendar.

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